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Weekly Rundown October 29, 2020

In this week’s Rundown

0:00 – Lead in with Michael Ortiz capping the Game of Hundo’s

For those who aren’t already in the know, Michael Ortiz capped off his Game of Hundos project on Sunday on his home turf of Brooklyn. The “Game”? Running a 100 mile every week for 100 weeks. 10,000 miles in just 100-mile efforts alone in just under two years. Absolutely incredible. Stay tuned for a film on the Hundos project in December 5th’s Trail Running Film Festival hosted by James Varner. Stay tuned.

2:38 – A case for running down mountains with babies

I released a video review of my opening miles and experience with the Inov-8 TerraUltra G 270. The G 270 brings to the northeastern trail table excellent traction, outsole durability, a responsive ride, with excellent ground-feel. So good it may just inspire you to run down a mountain with your baby on your back. Check it out.

6:20 – Samantha Lynn Leblanc talks the Midstate Trail FKT

Samantha Lynn LeBlanc established a new unsupported women’s fastest known time on Mass’s 92-mile midstate trail. She joins us a talk a bit about that effort.

11:05 – The FKT rundown

We take you through a handful of this past week’s FKT’s from Ryan Atkins returning to his home ADK turf to Old Rag in Virginia.

14:25 – Jimmy McCaffrey takes us through the Pauchaug Trail Races

Jimmy McCaffrey had a good weekend “Living Loud” in running a successful Pauchaug Trail Race in Connecticut. He weighs in on how that shook out.

18:00 – Ian’s video rundown of this weekend’s Patapsco Valley 50k

Ian had the hurtful pleasure of running Saturday’s Patapsco Valley 50k in Maryland. A fair and flowy course in the wonderful network of trails which is the Patapsco State Forest. He breaks that down including clips from tough and fast women’s winner Natalie Atabek, and Co-RD Ryan Foster.

25:50: PV50k women’s winner Natalie Atabek

Natalie came by Ian (note: she started the race 50 minutes later) two miles out looking quick and strong. I had the opportunity to catch up with her for a few minutes post race. Check it out, she’ll be one to watch.

27:50: PV50k Co-RD and White Oak Running Co’s Ryan Foster

Co-Owner of White Oak Running Company, and Co-RD of the Patapsco Valley races, Ryan Foster check’s in post-race. This crew run solid events and are within a great community. Look into them for one of your next rounds.

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