Trails Collective

Weekly Rundown June 3 2020

In this week’s Rundown: A big thanks to those who have checked in on the now-live www.TrailsCollective.com, shout out to Ron Heerkens Jr. and Cory West for rounding out the opening Patreon support podium. Ian takes you through some regional FKT’s, Ellie some of what you missed and what to catch in regional podcast media. A plug for a Trails Collective interview with mountain studdess Sarah Keyes. A snapshot of events which should have run this coming week and their status on this year vs rolled to 2021. And a film from the Trails Collective community and Nick Ruiz following Chris Cowden, Heather Semp Horth, and Elisabeth Faughnan’s running of the Cayuga Trails 50 on their own last weekend. (note: we’re still planning and hoping on running the Cayuga Trails 50 on its pushback date of July 18th, though still an unknown).

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