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Weekly RunDown May 27, 2020

We’re stoked to announce that www.TrailsCollective.com is now live. We’d love for you to check it out, poke around, post in a forum, give us some feedback, and share far and wide in your communities.

A big thanks to Jeff Holbrook for being first out the gates, before I even finalized the page, in Patreon Support. We pull from (and with thanks to Fastest Known Time) the FKT crews updates to plug the new marks and lowering of old ones throughout our region over this last week, as well as plugging their great interview (FKT podcast episode 86) with one of the repeat FKT offenders from CT, Sarah Connor. We catch up with Richard Wayshner with a teaser regarding his pretty incredible win at Trent Swanson’s (of the Algonquin Ultras) Broken Ladder Endurance Challenge event, with a longer interview to be posted next Friday. Ellie Pell breaks down the podcast media you may have missed but want to go in and check out from this past week, as well as this past week’s interview with Ben Nephew, Jim Lampman’s UltrAspire Momentum Vest. A plug for Adventure Enablers upcoming @QuaRUNtine Virtual 50k, tonight (and each Wednesday’s)

Aaron Stredny Trail Runner Trivia streaming live here at 8:00 with “guest” Matthias Lipshitz, and a lookout for Ellie’s interview with Sarah Keyes to drop on the TC Interviews page of the Trails Collective site.

Thanks to Grayce Gillette-Drummond Langheine for cuing us in and in advance to any of you out there who send us tips on what’s shaking out there for this next week. And…for climbing onboard at www.TrailsCollective.com

Catch you next week….

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