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Weekly Rundown, May 20 2020

In this week’s Rundown we lead in with Dana Wood and Chris Shoemaker clipping in for the Food Bank Forest 50k to raise money for the incredibly worthy Food Bank of the Southern Tier (can you chip in a few duckets to get them over the hump?), Cole Crosby saved by Mickie D’s fries and coke while racing across Jersey, a crew of friends running their inaugural Great North Mountain Trails 100 in what looked like beautiful trails straddling Virginia and West Virginia, strong engagement on the VHTRC FB Group surrounding what should have been MMT weekend, and athletes putting in a pretty incredible amount of vertical gain over the opening week of Steep Endurance‘s VERTual challenge. In the lead are Marisa Romeo for the women at 47,247′, and Andrew Vermilyea with 62,103’ of gain. That’s pretty awesome.

Ellie Pell takes you through what you can catch on the media casts including Cultra Trail Running Podcast with Bill Odenhaul and working in three square meals a day at the Dutchess Diner to 170 mile weeks, Dr. Llana Slaff and Albert Galatan on considerations and needs in working with individuals with exceptional needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Jason Friedman Philip Vondra in between setting a rail trail FKT, are joined by Richard Heffron do dig into a men’s UltraRunning Fantasy Draft on the Pain Cave, and talk turns to western heat on Running Inside Out Podcast.

We take you out w/ a video from the Collective sent in from local trail studess Michelle Benshoff and her daughter Christa.

Keep it running out there, send us submissions and events, or happenings that we should have our eyes on, and we’ll catch you next week. As always, let us know what we missed!

And, be sure to tune in here tonight at 8 for Trail Runner Trivia with Aaron Stredny.

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