Favorite distance:  50k because I can enjoy anytime – in top shape or not. Favorite trail:  Difficult choice but I will go with Pumphouse Trail in Wawayanda State Park since I am the volunteer trail maintainer with NYNJ trail conference for this trail. Why I support TC: I am a big consumer of trail and ultra running content and have a great appreciation of what Trails Collective

Favorite distance: Too hard to pick.  Love every distance thatvi can get out and play with others Favorite trail: Metacomet (new england trail) - my backyard playground and home to some of my firsts, 50k, 100m (CUT112) Why you support TC: You all do what we all do.  Love and support this ridiculous sport!  YouTube vids, reviews, podcasts etc.  If I was local I'd shop at Finger

Favorite Distance - 8 hours.  What ever distance that means depending on trails!  I love to be out on the trails as long as I'd be at my desk at work or in my bed asleep. Favorite Trail - SO many!  I'll have to go with the Appalachian Trail.  My grandparents used to live near the trail in NW CT and it was where my love

Favorite distance - 50 miles, I can get done in time for some beers, and sleep in bed instead of on my feet. Favorite trail: That is more difficult. Any trail that I'm on would be a good answer but if I had to pick just one, currently that would be the Black Forest trail. I've not run out west much and I'm a #beastcoast guy so


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