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Actik Headlamp


Ideal for outdoor adventures such as backpacking, running, or mountain climbing, Petzl’s new ACTIK headlamp features a multipurpose design with flood or mixed beams thanks to its red and dual white LEDs. With an array of brightness outputs ranging from 350 to 2 lumens, you’ll be prepared for any situation. Use a wide bright flood to light up the forest path, or switch to a dim proximity mode to converse with your fellow campers without blinding them. A red stobe mode lasts up to 400 hours and can be seen at least 700 meters away, making your ACTIK headlamp a great tool in an emergency situation. This light comes with 3 x AAA batteries, but a 1250mAh CORE rechargeable battery is available as an optional accessory. Learn more about Petzl’s 2019 ACTIK headlamp below.

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