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    Christopher Lopez

    Our running team (Lope-ology) just ran the Naked Prussian last weekend. After a winter season of running in the cold, this was the first day of some warm weather. Even though it only got into the upper 60’s all 4 of us experienced cramps around mile 22 of the marathon. We all used (what we believed to be adequate doses of) various forms of electrolytes from UCAN Hydrate to Salt Pills. Any suggestions out there for preferred ‘go to’ products or solutions that have worked well for you?



    That was a tough day for a lot of us out there. I didn’t fuel much at all during the race (just didn’t really care), didn’t even eat that morning, but was still a bit surprised that my body was pretty done around 22 as well. You all for sure weren’t alone. Part of it I think is just seasonally adjusting. You can try to buffer the internal conditions with supplements (and UCAN and Salt Pills are probably as good as any on options), but ultimately the body just hasn’t totally adjusted seasonally. My stomach also turned on the small amount of gels I did give it…also something common when it’s not yet adjusted. In hindsight I would have grabbed more real foods from aid stations which the body probably would have understood a bit better and allowed the central governor to take the brakes off the system a bit when the conditions did start sending up cautionary flags.

    Travis Loncar

    I had signed up for Naked Prussian this year (deferred from 2020) but had to sit this one out due to a nagging injury. Hoping to give it a go next year. As for electrolytes, I’ve had luck with both Tailwind and Gatorade, though I can get away with drinking these exclusively (i.e., no water) for hours at a time during a longer effort.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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