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    Ron Heerkens Jr

    Didn’t see a better category so I’ll put this here. A place to collect past and current films on the east coast running scene and community.

    I’ll start. I’ve done a number of films for BeastCoast Trail Film Series (www.beastcoastfilm.com) and host all my films over on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/gfmediaceo. I’ve done a big film for Ian highlighting his Red Newt Racing, and several other races. Working on some personal projects and covering some runners doing FKTs this year.

    What other films/filmmakers are out there highlighting our awesome slice of the earth?


    Pete Kresock

    One of my favorites is Finding Traction, a long-form film about Nikki Kimball’s battle with depression and her FKT attempt on Vermont’s Long Trail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3tCVxm0sm4


    I have some film catching up to do. I think I’ve linked Stringbean’s AT Film twice, but haven’t stopped to watch it yet. Shai BenDor did a feature one northeast and trail connected, though not on the run side of things.

    You’re starting into the next season for #BeastCoast Ron? Tweaking the format or focus for this round?

    Ron Heerkens Jr

    @sgtpepper that was a good one. @Ian I haven’t seen Shais film yet as I wasn’t able to make it to his showings, but I’m not sure he released it yet for general consumption. I like Shais work.

    Yeah, kicked off Ep 1 following Jamie and Setting the FKT (in this case First Known Time and Fastest) on the Letchworth FLT Branch. Due to the state of things, this season will focus more on FKT/personal redemption stories and be spread out more (possibly into next year) just because currently no races, and its been hard to travel and get in touch with people in ways that are both safe and ok. But I’m not going to rush things this time by feeling like I have some arbitrary goals to meet due to sponsors. I have no sponsors (other than my trusty Patreons) so I’m trying not to feel pressure this time around. Admittedly trying to do both BC and the Red Newt Film in the same year wiped me out mentally and creatively. So trying to dig deep and find the things and stories I care about and want to tell, depression and running, redemption may end up a common theme.

    Eric Eagan

    I really hope to start to see some more films from the east coast featured – I have had enough of the same people doing the same things out west 🙂

    Travis Loncar

    Stringbean’s AT video was great. I only recently stumbled upon it while following his AZT journey.

    Another one that comes to mind is Ryan Clayton’s video on the Grindstone 100.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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