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TC Interviews In 2015 Cole Crosby was running 250 laps on an indoor track. He was hoping to beat Michael Wardian’s WR time of 3:06. With 8 laps to go, he drank a cup of Gatorade from his well-meaning father. That Gatorade was the poison. With 3 miles to go, Cole lost it. He lost everything in his stomach. He lost consciousness a few times. He lost Britta Clark is studying philosophy at Harvard. Wait, scratch that, she’s getting her Ph.D in philosophy at Harvard. Beginning with environmental science, she got a grant to go to New Zealand to get her Masters. When she was there, she enjoyed the flexibility and persistence reflected in the questions asked in her environmental ethics classes.  She’s now interested in climate change specific topics like how quickly Needing not much of an introduction, Daven is a local Rochester and Buffalo running legend. He is an ordained minister in the Lutheran church, and manages to run 90-100 miles per week while keeping the Sabbath day holy. The Lord has blessed him that’s for sure. He ran in high school and college, but took time off competition until he began seminary and needed an outlet. Debbie Livingston has been running ultras for over 20 years. Her first 50 miler was the Vermont 50 in 1999, where she met her future husband after exchanging email addresses at the finish.  Livingston was 4th, in her first 50 mile race. Oh, and Nikki Kimball won that race, also her first 50. Over 124 races later, Livingston is still at it now participating in the Shan Riggs is running across the country. Having a background in marketing and branding, Shan came to the east coast to work for the Hartford Marathon Foundation, being able to work remotely out of his van. He is taking his unemployment opportunity to try to do something positive in this pandemic. No races this year, meant Shan was out of a job, had a lot Alyssa Godesky just set the supported FKT for the ADK 46er trail in 3 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes. She and Sarah were the first two women to undertake this route, beginning at 4AM on Monday August 17th. We previewed the “racing” ladies the week before the attempt, so check those two shows out! Though they battled thunderstorms during the attempt, they got relatively lucky Eric Eagan was recruited to the best SUNYAC Division 3 school to run track and jump long. The first year, the man who recruited him retired and the program, who won championships for over 20 years, was under new leadership. It was this leadership who instructed Eagan to compete in the triple jump with a broken heel.  That jump destroyed him and he began the first


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